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"I made friends in Germany"

Unsere australische Gastschülerin Jasmin Nicholas berichtet von ihrem Aufenthalt in Oettingen und am A-E-G


Last November I along with three other girls from Australia (Jessica Frahn, Emma Bromley and Catriona Marshall) left sunny Australia to experience a German winter.As our plane landed in Munich it started to snow, it was so beautiful. Before then I had never seen snow fall. This was the first of many new experiences from my 10 week stay in Bavaria.
While in Germany I stayed with Verena Trollmann and her lovely family. They were amazing, taking me to Christmas markets and ice skating, as well as showing me sights to see around Bavaria. They did so many little things that made my stay in Germany more perfect. I can happily say that nowhere I have ever been before have I met such wonderful people as the friends I made in Germany. The other girls would also really like to thank their exchange partners: Franzi Meilbeck , Jana Fälschle, Laura Bühlmeier and their families for hosting them while they were in Germany.

Die australischen Gäste und ihre deutschen Gastgeber                      Die australischen Gäste waren zu Besuch im Englischunterricht der Q12    

One of my Favourite parts of my trip was seeing the different ways Germans celebrate Christmas and New Years. I especially loved watching fireworks on New Years Eve. They were so beautiful, and far better than the ones in Australia. I also enjoyed staying in a smaller town, where everybody knows everybody. In my hometown in Australia there are about 14,000 people and so it was a nice change to stay in a smaller town. I also found school in Germany interesting. I liked getting to choose what to wear everyday rather than having a school uniform. However it was not as nice to have to wake up earlier than I normally would to go to school. I enjoyed being part of English classes, it was interesting to see people my age that are so amazing at second and third languages, and being able to have conversations with people in English. Catriona, Jessica and I also spent a week in Berlin. We spent our time visiting the sights, shopping and trying German chocolate and Döner Kebabs.
My time in Germany was amazing and before I knew it the ten weeks had passed and it was time to leave. I hope that in the future I will be able to come back to Germany again.

By taking part in this exchange we were introduced to aspects of Germany that you wouldn’t get the opportunity to experience in just any holiday. We didn’t just visit Germany, we lived there. As a whole, we all enjoyed our stay in Germany and are very thankful for Albrecht – Ernst – Gymnasium for welcoming us and our host families for making Germany feel like a second home. It was a great experience to see the differences between life and schooling in Australia and Germany and I’m sure it is a trip we will all never forget.

Jasmin Nicholas